Physician Services

Hello Dear Physician,

We are happy to see you here at our digital headquarter page. 

We are Online Health Pharmacy and Health Max Pharmacy are here to serve you and your medical facility with products, custom compounded sterile medications for an individual patient or for office use. 

Health Max Pharmacy

Address  53-13 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Phone  718-567-8000  Fax      718-765-9056  Email

* Just a quick reminder that we are an existing business, located in Brooklyn, NY.

* We are a sterile compounding pharmacy and a retail pharmacy, offering a variety of options to obtain your current or a new medication, by prescription or over the counter. *We are licensed to ship your medication directly to your doors.

*As we continue to build our new solution online, we are implementing tools and options for you and your family to have proper health care throughout the entire calendar year.

*All deliveries, packages are checked and verified by a certified pharmacist at all times.

We are offering digital customer service, phone call assistance, pharmacist consultation, physician referrals, prescription renewals and reminders, newsletters with health care updates, directory assistance, wholesale prices for quantity orders. We are willing to accommodate to the best of our ability to match your prices with a proven purchase receipt or invoice.

We are a team of professional individuals who care about your health and well being. 


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