Service and Delivery

Our commitment is to provide prompt and efficient service that addresses your needs.

We always call you the same day we receive your prescription to confirm details before compounding and shipping.

  • Our staff always works with and for you so that you can feel confident in your care and your treatment plan.
  • A delay in service may occur if we can’t get in touch with you once we receive your prescription.
  • Be sure to reach out when you hear from us and we will always be able to commit to timely delivery.

Quality and Safety Standards

  • We take quality and safety very seriously.
  • Every sterile medication we produce undergoes strict third-party testing and is monitored during each phase of preparation until it is delivered to you. Ingredients are sourced by the best compounding supplier, PCCA, which ensures FDA compliance. 

Experience and Expertise

  • With almost two decades of experience and expertise in the industry, we continue to deliver only the very best compounded solutions for our network, creating hundreds of unique formulas per day for patients.

How does it work?

  • To best meet your needs, we work closely with your prescribing clinician to find a solution that is best for you.

Don’t have a prescription?

  • If you’re interested in the solutions we offer, feel free to share this information with your physician or ask that they get in touch with us so that our compounding pharmacists can address all of their questions directly. 

Prescription Refill

  • When it’s time for a refill and we have received the renewal from your physician, we aim to have this processed and ready in 24-48 hours.

Shipping and Delivery 

  • Getting a prescription to you in a timely manner is always a priority.
  • We exclusively offer flat rate shipping via FedEx, DHL, and other delivery services to all areas.

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